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​Player: Autumn W.


Graduation class of 2017


Brownfield HighSchool


"My Experience with Kendrick (Coach Bryson) been amazing! I've known him for about 3 years now and he's the best coach any athlete could ask for! When I met coach Bryson I was really shy and always hard on myself, but as coach Bryson and I started working together I slowly started to come out of my shell . I  can now say thanks to Coach Bryson and not just Elite Individuals, but who he is I have more confident than ever before. Coach Bryson isn’t just "my basketball coach" he's like my second dad! He doesn't just care about how I’m doing in basketball he also cares about my grades, getting me ready for college, and the number one thing my relationship with God! He pushes me harder than anyone I know! When you graduate and decide that you don't want to do basketball anymore and want to go to school for something else Kendrick won’t be disappointed because you’re not playing basketball! He will still stand by your side and push you to succeed in whatever you’re doing!!  When I train with him he always starts his training off by asking "what do you wanna get better on" and after I let him know what I want work on, He's like “alright let's go , let’s get to work…!” and that's one of the things I love about him . I am so thankful for Kendrick and his family they have done so many things for me you couldn't even imagine! He's such a big motivator and a role model to so many young athletes! If you’re ever nervous before a game or your just beating yourself up about something just call coach Bryson and he will take all your nerves and negativity away and give you confident and positivity.  If you’re ever sad, down about something and you just need a laugh or somebody to talk to about anything I highly recommend you call coach Bryson. He will change your mood so fast and have you laughing so hard that you'll just forget why you were even sad in the first place ha! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANY ATHLETE AND PARENT THAT’S LOOKING FOR MORE THAT “JUST A TRAINER”, BUT SOMEONE THAT GENUILY CARES ABOUT LIFE AS A WHOLE, YOUR ENTIRE WELLBEING AND MORE TO GET CONACT COACH BRYSON AND BECOME AN ELITE INDIVIDUAL! IT WILL BE WORTH EVERY SECOND TRUST ME!  I love you Kendrick and thank you for being a part of my life."

Player: Jacie E.


Class of 2015

Point/Shooting guard

Dumas Texas


Coach Bryson is great at what he does. Before meeting him in person I was already excited about my new journey with him. He really expresses that what we do both with him and our own time is a process and that’s exactly what it is, a process. The journey and challenges you take on with Coach Bryson are meaningful; every time you walk out of that gym you know you have improved and you will always have something new to bring to the table. With Coach his biggest goal is to help you believe in yourself like he believes in you. The positivity and good vibes he gives off makes a great atmosphere to be in and positivity alone is something that every player needs! He not only cares about the things you do on the court, but how you do in life. “It’s more than just basketball.” You will hear him say that all the time. He cares about his players all the time, not just the time he’s responsible for them in the gym. He helps you get that boost of confidence under you to where no one is going to stop you and if they do once it definitely one happen again. With Coach Bryson you do everything with intention and purpose and you set a goal and do everything to reach it. You develop an “I WILL” mindset. You don’t ever have to feel like you’re perfect with him, but you always give it your all. His workouts will have you sweating, but you feel good, refreshed, and more than just confident walking out of that gym. Coach Bryson is passionate about what he does and I love that I have gotten the opportunity to work with him and improve greatly! It feels awesome to have a reliable and uplifting coach by your side while you work to reach your goals and play the game you love.

Player:Jamie J.



Tascosa High School


I feel the most important advantage I have received training with coach Bryson is confidence on the court. My skills have improved and I feel more equipped to help my team. 










Player: Austin G.

Sophomore (high school class of 2013)


West Texas A&M University

I played point and shooting guard. Played varsity ball for 4 years 3 at arbor one at sjca. Made it to the state semi game senior year. 1 st team all district three years. I play basketball  for one season under coach Kendrick at Arbor Christian Academey, then two summers with the elite. I have also assisted coach Bryson in some of his camps and now currently train under him with Elite Individuals in the Amarillo area. He helped not only increase my game, but my confidence in the abilities that I have. The drills he will have you do you will learn and grow from. I have made a life long coach and friend.

From parent: Russell D. father of Taylor (Juior Forward) and Morgan D. (Freshman Guard)

Denver City 

My 2 girls ages 17 and 15 had the pleasure to work with Coach Bryson on short notice over the Holidays in Amarillo. For such a brief meeting, the loved the workout and look forward to the next. They still comment about how He motivated, challenged and cared about them and their game. Mostly, they comment about how he put basketball in perspective. They know basketball is just a tool in life and want to make the best of both. I would love for my kids to work with Coach Bryson as often as possible and wish we were closer to him. We look forward to the next visit. 


Parent: Sammie H.    

The way they genuinely care about the athletes. The knowledge to know exactly what the athlete needs to work on and make them better. If the athlete gives 100% the Eli7e Individuals will give 500% to get them where they need and want to be.


Parent: Alan S.    

Coach Kendrick and his Eli7e team have been instrumental in my son’s improvement over the summer. Coach Kendrick always brings the energy that is needed for his players to get better. Every drill has a defined purpose that can be carried over into game time situations. What really sets him apart, in my opinion, is his commitment to seeing my son get better. He doesn’t pacify my son or dumb down drills to make him feel good about himself. He sets the bar and they work tirelessly until the goal is met. I would highly recommend Coach Kendrick and Eli7e Individuals.

Parent: Carina M.    

Communication and positive attitude with students/parents is a big plus! Skills /drills very helpful. Great motivation and very helpful staff! Coach Bryson is awesome! Does a great job!


Athlete: Oscar H.    

Everything. Specially the special connections that they present you with that connects to things that are beyond just basketball. They make sure that what you doing you understand the intentionally of it and make sure it’s game related.


Athlete: Greyson M.    

Coach Kendrick will focus on the workout that best suites you to help you grow in your game. He is quick to see your strengths and weaknesses. This then helps him to acknowledge what is needed and improves your game.


Athlete: Mikayla K.    

It’s more than basketball for coach K. He really cares about you as a person. His workouts are designed to work on what you specifically need. The best trainer I have ever had.


Parent: Bhooma S.    

The work ethic and Coach always prepared with the plan for the day's training. Coach Bryson evaluates and works with the strengths and weaknesses of the player.


Parent: Anna B.   

Our daughter LOVES basketball, but she is very introverted and has some social anxiety. She is 12 and in 7th. She played B team last year and wants to make the A team. She cried and was afraid to even meet Coach Kendrick Bryson, but as soon as she did meet him, she was immediately won over. He is the most amazing combination of encouraging and challenging. He REALLY adjusted his style to meet her needs. What more can you ask of private coaching? We have instantly seen improvement, and we are very excited for tryouts! He is training and raising the bar on her skills, ability, and confidence. So happy we made this decision.


Parent: Tim B.    

Coach K has been great for my son. He doesn’t just “train”, he works with them on the mental part of the game as well. I highly recommend reaching out if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, build confidence, and develop the tools needed to play varsity ball in high school and beyond.


Player: Jordynn H.    

Game like situations, good footwork and ball handling, just a great guy overall.

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